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Interesting Facts About Predators

  • Hunting Predators commonly refers to hunting Coyote, Fox, and Wolf.

  • Coyotes are the most often hunted predator.

  • Hunting Predators can be done with a Small Game License althugh some areas require an additional license for Wolf.

  • Predators are hunted for their fur, and although their meat is edible very few do eat it. It is considered "wrong" to eat by many.

  • Corssbreeding between Wolves and Coyotes has become more common, resulting in an hybrid species known as the Coywolf.

  • The coyote is also known as the American jackal, brush wolf, or the prairie wolf, and has evolved in North America to fill the same niche as filled in Europe and Asia as the Jackal.

  • Coyotes are excellent swimmers. They have been able to colonize islands and escape from predators by swimming.

  • Unlike the wolf, the coyote's range has expanded in the wake of human civilization, and coyotes readily reproduce in metropolitan areas.

  • Fox are hunted for their fur. It's removed tail known as a ‘brush’.

  • Male foxes are known as dogs, tods or reynards, and females are called vixens.

  • Fox can run as fast as 30mph, Coyote can run 37mph, Wolf can run 35mph although the Grey Wolf is the fasted and has been known to run up to 45mph.

  • Fox hunting was a popular recreation sport in England since the 1500s

  • Foxes can eat up to several pounds of food a day. What they don’t eat, they often bury under leaves or snow for later.

  • Adult Foxes fall prey to coyotes, gray wolves, bears, and mountain lions. Young Fox fall prey to eagles.

  • Wolves have such a low hunting success rate that to catch enough food, they must hunt often until they can catch and kill one.