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Hunting Small Game...

Small game is some of the most exciting game to hunt! Whether flushing Rabbit or Grouse, calling Turkey or Coyote, or spotting Squirrel or Pheasant, you have to be quick to successfully put meat on the table.

Small game can be hunted with Shotgun, Rifle, or Bow but check your local bylaws for restrictions. Some areas dictate caliber size or method. For instance, in some areas you cannot hunt Turkey with a .22 caliber rifle, but can use a Shotgun or Bow.

Once you take Small game, field dressing it quickly helps to ensure you do not spoil the meat. There is no wrong way to field dress, but in these pages you can find a few methods that make it quick and easy with less mess.

There are also recipes available to help you enjoy the small game meat that you do take. Try some new recipes and hopefully you will discover your new favorite small game dish. Think your recipe is the best? Share it with us on our Facebook page or by email on our contact page.

Have a photo of your Small game? Maybe a trophy Turkey or Coyote? Maybe you caught a once in a lifetime event in the field. We would love to see it! Please send it to us on our Facebook p age or by email on our contact page.

Check out the articles page for such things as firearm and bow maintenance, Small game regulations, and other interesting topics relating to Small game.

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